Herbal Rx: What You Should Know About Herbal Remedies

Herbs are natural substances but many contain drug-like properties. You must use herbs with respect, discipline, and guidance from your licensed physician as they interact differently with other drugs or simple medications like aspirin.

Before trying any herbal complex, be sure that you know what it does, how it is used, and be aware of any possible side effects. Never exceed the recommended dose. Some herbs are not recommended for certain diseases and/or conditions. Your doctor should monitor the use of any medicinal herb, making sure it does not conflict with medications you currently take and watch for any drug sensitivity or allergic reaction.
Be aware that about 1% of all plants are poisonous. Therefore, you should never gather your own herbs unless you are a skilled botanist. Pregnant women should never take herbs unless under the direct supervision of a licensed physician.

Parents should check with a qualified health care practitioner before giving any herbs to children.
The information given on this site is for educational purposes only. Used as a reference and is not intended as a means of diagnosis and/or treatment or any condition, disease or ailment. It is not within the scope of any collection of information to perform the medical duties of the health care profession.

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