The Paoletti Difference

Women’s health is more than gynecology. It’s the art and science of balancing a woman’s body chemistry and complicated by a woman’s age, genetics and lifestyle.

Selecting your doctor is an important decision. You should look for great academic credentials, one who prides herself on keeping current with new technologies and medical innovations, and one whom you can speak with openly and comfortably—without feeling rushed.

Dr. Paoletti’s patients speak volumes about the quality and integrity of her practice. And most patients seek Dr. Paoletti because of the rave-reviews they’ve heard from a friend or relative. Her patients come because other methods or practitioners have simply failed to adequately identify and treat their symptoms.

Dr. Paoletti takes her time with you. She will sit down with you and thoroughly and candidly discuss your health history, previous lab work, current symptoms, any medicines and supplements you are taking, and your desires and expectations. Dr. Paoletti is skilled in not only asking insightful questions, but she listens to you and spends time to understand your needs.

After obtaining your personal information, Dr. Paoletti, will run several laboratory tests and conduct a physical examination to determine your health status. She takes special care to test your hormones in a way that will detect imbalances that may not have previously been detected. She uses a lab that she has carefully screened for accuracy and sends only certain tests. These tests will determine whether your body chemistry is in the proper balance so that you can feel healthy and energetic again.

Following the history, review of labs, and physical exam, Dr. Paoletti will sit down with you again to review the findings and discuss a plan specially tailored to your unique needs and one that works with your active lifestyle.

Dr. Paoletti is different than most women’s health practitioners. She feels that managing women’s health is more than gynecology; it’s more than spending a quick ten minutes and rushing you in and out of her office. She believes in the quality care that only an open and honest doctor-patient relationship can afford—and she backs that claim up by taking extraordinary time and care with her patients.

Discover the Paoletti Difference for yourself. We’re ready to see you.


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