Patient Praise

“Dr. Paoletti is an incredibly caring and knowledgeable doctor.  I began seeing Dr. P approximately 5 years ago.  I was tired and had cut my work hours to less than part-time because it was too difficult for me to work a full day.  At my very first visit, Dr.P carefully listened to my symptoms and ordered blood tests.  She called me a few days later to tell me my T3 levels were low and prescribed Cytomel.  Within a week, my energy improved.  In subsequent visits, Dr. P worked with me to improve my health even more.  I am amazed at the time Dr. P spends with each patient.  She is up to date on the latest research and is very analytical. I had seen numerous physicians before Dr. P and none of them were able to help me (nor did they spend time trying).  Today, I am feeling well and back to work full time.”
- Karen Pace
“Dr. Paoletti never ceases to amaze me with the highest level of care, responsiveness, thoroughness, and professionalism she provides to ALL of her patients!  She is also not only a specialist in women’s health but is constantly researching the latest developments and treatments for a broad spectrum of medical conditions, which affect her patients. I am confident that whatever medical problem I have, Dr. Paoletti will figure it out or make sure that she refers me to someone who can!”
- Lucy McCoy Bacigalupo
“If not for Dr. Paoletti, I probably would not be alive today, nor would I be enjoying the quality of life I am.  I would recommend her medical services to anyone (but particularly to those with difficult to
diagnose/treat endocrine and auto immune disorders).  To this end, she is not only an outstanding diagnostician, but her knowledge of traditional and complementary treatments is second to none.  In addition, she is one of the hardest working, conscientious, dedicated, supportive, and compassionate people I know.  I feel very blessed to have finally found a doctor who embodies the very best that medicine and humanity have to offer.”
- Cheryl Kroll
“After a couple of years of going to different doctors and trying to figure out why I was not feeling absolutely great, Dr. Paoletti was recommended to me.  She dug deeper into my health issues and ordered different lab tests that started to set the ball rolling trying to figure out what was going on with my body.  She also made me become more aware of the importance between balance and health regarding nutrition and supplements.  I like Dr. Paoletti’s holistic approach to western med
- Lezley Hemming
“The first time I met with Dr. Paoletti, she spent so much time with me that I started worrying for the next patient, but in fact, I learned that this is how she typically cares for patients.  Dr. Paoletti is the only physician who has ever sent me a hand-written note and showed such genuine concern.”
- Megan Howard
“Dr. Paoletti is an outstanding doctor totally dedicated and committed to her patients and goes to great lengths to provide superior care.  She always allows for plenty of time to consult and takes the time to really listen.   She is a very caring responsive woman and takes the responsibility of her work very seriously.  I am very grateful to know her and for her outstanding medical care.”
- Gail Kaplan
“Aside from being knowledgeable, caring and professional, which all too rare these days, Dr. Paoletti is the only one of my doctors who recommended I check my bone density, which turned out to be crucial. And I know from friends that she has caught other conditions.  Dr. Paoletti is the best.”
- Shelly Landau
“I have been a patient of Dr. Paoletti’s for a number of years and I continue to be regularly impressed at her depth of medical knowledge. Additionally she always up to date, and usually ahead of, the most current medical information.   I recently had a surgical biopsy for which she pulled a team of doctors together within a couple of days to insure we had the results as quickly as possible - all done with an approach that gave me reassurance and information. Additionally Dr. Paoletti diagnosed a genetic condition which other doctors involved in determining where any damage had occurred, marveled at her ability to identify the condition before organ damage had occurred.”
- Claire Thompson


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